08 February 2012

Shock! Dramatic challenge for alpha female in feline soap opera!

In a dramatic turnaround, Ember, the poor little waif who arrived at the Green household malnourished, riddled with parasites, and desperate for love and food, has begun to show moments of a terrifying strength and dominance! Even Sandy, the toughest girl on the street, backed down when Ember wanted her Science Diet this morning - and this is after only a week of regular meals and daily pats, and, last night, just the first of three high-dose treatments to rid her of all the hideous, blood-sucking, soul-destroying parasites that haunt her abdomen.

Normally Sandy, mother of fearless explorer Fern, gorgeous lap cat Ruby, sweetheart Charlie, and Pouncing Princess Blanche, can make any other cat flee in terror, or at least back off, just with a warning yowl and an aggressive flick of her tail. A short dash at the rival and a smack or two from her mighty paws, and any cat, male or female, smaller or larger, will run wailing from the scene. But this morning, all that changed! Sandy was innocently eating her own Science Diet, when lanky young girl Ember, normally shy and wary of confrontation, left her bowl of invalid's soft food and moved in on Sandy's tempting tasty treat. And Sandy backed down!

Nearby cats and humans stared in amazement at this unprecedented turn of events; poor downtrodden Treasure realised he had another pushy female to be hassled by; and Ember celebrated her victory by cheek marking several chairs in the vicinity. What will she do next? Will Sandy recoup and fight back? Will Fern be drawn in to support her estranged mother? Will she side with her own generation and join Team Ember? or will she stay the hell out of everyone's way and go exploring some more?

Stay tuned for more dramatic episodes of the Days of All My Bold & Beautiful Furry Children's Lives!

Little Tabitha and her lanky daughter Ember eating in the back yard

Sandy looking regal on my bed

Tough girl Sandy and her estranged daughter Fern eating near each other without fighting

Ember eating in the laundry. Where will she go next?!

1 comment:

Sheep Rustler said...

So funny! Bet they don't have the wooden expressions of the TBATB 'actors'. Do they call each other by name all the time as if afraid the audience will forget who everyone is after three minutes?