29 February 2012

The Black Dog of Depression and the White Poodle of Anxiety

It just occurred to me that if depression is a Black Dog, then anxiety is quite possibly a White Poodle - an over-bred, highly strung, groomed to within an inch of its life, white miniature poodle with a very high-pitched bark and a nervous bladder.

So here's my first depiction of these constant friends (friends of each other, I hasten to clarify - no friends of mine, cos they definitely don't dance, they just hang around, interminably):

The Black Dog of Depression

The White Poodle of Anxiety

And to bring us all some comfort:

A Kind Cat comforting a Sad Dog

Please note: all images used have been borrowed from other webpages and do not depict the character or state of mind of the actual animals involved, or their human carers. If you happen to know any of the canine or feline people in these pictures, or took any of the photos, and wish me to take them down, please just let me know and I will comply.

1 comment:

Sheep Rustler said...

The poodle would be a whole lot less anxious if it was allowed to look like a real dog!!!