07 June 2011

What I learnt from watching Season 3 of True Blood

May Contain Spoilers (although I'm trying to be cleverly cryptic). May Contain Traces of O+ or Tree Nuts.

1. The actor who plays Alcide Herveaux, Joe Manganiello, is appropriately hunky - tall, dark, handsome, well-muscled - but strangely non-hirsute. Then again, that bitch Debbie Pelt isn't hirsute, and she has a nice thick pelt when she changes. But still, I was expecting chest hair. and a bit of tummy hair. maybe Joe's a model as well as an actor?

2. Fairies/the Fae mostly wear white, or pastels. Some of their clothes look a bit 60s, some more 70s.

3. You know how the post-WWII Nazi movement used the code name Werewolves? There was a reason for that.

4. If you've read the books, you know that Charlaine Harris created amazing characters (human and otherwise) and set them in a believable alternate version of contemporary America, and then put them through hell. In each season, I've been impressed by how Alan Ball & his team of producers, writers, actors, directors, designers, et al, do a really good job of showing us these great characters and their particular world, and putting them through hell.

5. Climate change is happening, people! If we don't do something to stop this human-created mess, someone like Russell Edgington will, and it won't be pleasant.

6. Just Say No to V. seriously, it might do wonders for your health and your sex life, but it can also give you waking nightmares, and make you a target for angry vampires.

7. If the brother you didn't know you had suddenly turns up, you're right to be pissed off.

8. Don't let your life be ruined by a sad drunken man in saggy underpants.

9. If you tell the guy you just had sex with that you can't take any more of this supernatural shit, don't be surprised if he tells you he's a supe too.

10. Jason Stackhouse may still be not very bright, but he's turning out an okay kind of guy.

11. A high school counsellor will not help you in your attempt to make your son forgo the love of his life and marry a short, chatty blonde instead, even if she is a good cook.

12. If you love somebody, it's okay to tie them to the toilet and put duct tape over their mouth so they can't scream for help. Well, no, really it's not okay. And you'll get what's coming to you. Some day...

13. You think your boyfriend has used, lied to and betrayed you? Sure he has! He still loves you, though. Even though there's yet more betrayal that you don't know about yet.

14. Godric was, in the end, an unusually compassionate and peaceful vampire. Like, really unusual. One of a kind. And look what happened to him. Never mind how hot they are, vampires are Not Nice!

15. Kevin was the only man she ever loved.

16. Vampires do some really gross things when they're having sex with another vampire that they don't really like. And I'm not talking about doing things with pointy wooden objects. although that was pretty gross too.

17. In the Buffyverse, a staked vampire turns to ash/dust and blows away, clothes included. In the Sookieverse, a staked vampire turns to a great pool of bloody, semi-dissolved flesh that you have to clean up. and the clothes need disposing of, too.

18. Most of the people we see in True Blood are strongly influenced by anecdotal evidence. And *very* strongly influenced by seeing a newsreader killed Live On Screen.

19. In the right context, "I'm not too good for you" is a great chat-up line.

20. But it can't compete with True Love.


Misrule said...

I intend to make No 8 something of a personal mantra.

Sheep Rustler said...

CAN'T WAIT!!!! Just have to watch teh extras for Season 2 first though.

greenspace said...

Misrule Judy, I think that's very wise :-)

greenspace said...

Sheep Rustler Judy - what self restraint! I love watching the extras too, but even though I haven't seen the extras for Season 2, no way was I going to defer watching Season 3 once I had the dvd.