02 October 2009

if u liked it then u shoulda put a ring on it

having just seen the football team from William McKinley High give a truly wondrous interpretation of the original choreography for Beyoncé's Single Ladies, I'm moved to list my favourite videos for/about the song:

  • the bestest, for comedy, drama & dance skillz:
    the scene from Glee on the football field

  • the second bestest, for great chorey & dance skillz:
    Penny and Charlie dancing a futuristic vampire routine choreographed by Tiana Joubert (sorry about the fuzzy video clip)

  • third best for chorey (Open category), but first in the Toddler category:
    Cory, in Baby Dancing

  • fourth best for chorey & style (I'm not a fan of high heels), although best for singing: the original, Ms Beyoncé Knowles

  • fifth, not such a great dancer, but full points for courage & sense of humour: Joe Jonas

    and an honourable mention for Justin Timberlake as a backing dancer for Beyoncé in her parody of her own video

    please note: these are my personal preferences; I don't claim to be an expert in judging dance, choreography or video skills, just an enthusiastic amateur who did jazz ballet as a kid :-)

    so no flaming, please!

    but please feel free to respond with your own thoughts and feelings about this important question:
    Which is *your* favourite clip for Single Ladies?
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